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Spinning records for the Petit Mort dance raawk party at Interstate NYC

Dylan Nirvana & The Bad Flowers

Glam garage artist Dylan Nirvana was one of the last artists to take the legendary stage of Manhattan's CBGB before it closed in 2006. His signature guitar & vocals singed the Knitting Factory, CBGB, London's B-Max Festival, Brockley & New Cross UK, Mercury Lounge, M.E.A.N.Y. Fest, Trash, Lit Lounge, Luna Lounge, Anti-Folk Sidewalk Cafe, TLA Philadelphia, Nietzches, Continental, Warsaw. His band the Bad Flowers is with Billy Ficca from the Neon Boys, Television & the Waitresses - remember I Know What Boys Like?

New York Dolls clothing designer Vivienne Westwood saw the Neon Boys and returned to London to create stagewear for the band the Sex Pistols. The Neon Boys which included Tom Verlaine, Richard Hell & Billy Ficca, reformed as Television the first band to perform legendary CBGB in New York. What followed was the Talking Heads, Blondie, the Clash, the Ramones - history, basically. Studio 54 meanwhile, was the melting pot of the inebriated and celebrity alike. That is until 1984, what George Orwell portrayed as the end of the world as we know it!

Artist & musician Dylan Nirvana has a characteristically edgy & literary quality to his work. Irreverent, funny, cinematic, if you are expecting a contemporary Fleurs du Mal, you won't be disappointed. See

Dylan Nirvana's new record Anne Boleyn (Icarian Records) is a punk retelling (complete with subtitles) of the story of Anne Boleyn replete with lust, torture and redemption. The Headless Queen visits her fightened almoner in visions and FREAKS HIM OUT. Model Caitlin Lyon plays Anne Boleyn in the music video Ganymede directed by Alex Engel with Fat Boy Productions. The first EP Pentagonal Flower (Icarian Records) recieved radio play in the US & UK. Both records Pentagonal Flower and Anne Boleyn were produced by Walter Manning of Brunswick Records and are available in stores & on Apple iTunes.

 "Like Elvis Costello... Morrissey meets Motörhead"
- The Village Voice

Anne Boleyn by Dylan Nirvana on iTunes

"Pint-sized bleached-hair punk rocker"
(for Christ's sake!) - New York Magazine

From 2001 to 2005 New York City experienced a creative explosion. The open mike scene was flooded with talent from all over the changing world. From the Anti-Folk movement that went world-wide, to numerous clubs all over the East Village, Brooklyn and the Lower East Side, new artists took the stage. Some took the world stage. While the rock scene languished and clubs like CBGB, Luna Lounge & Continental closed, a dance inflected 80's party scene emerged that was characteristically no-agenda, open minded and full of energy. Parties like Trash, XXX, Panty Party and others emerged on the East Side with their own stripped down and decidedly rocked out style. Also, the Nouvelle Burlesque scene squeeked on to the stage, as ecclectic and lo-fi theatric as could be.

Dylan Nirvana was part of the Anti-Folk experience both at the Sidewalk Cafe and the Raven. He hosted the Open Stage at New York’s C-Note in Alphabet City, a venue that had cutting edge rock, jazz, blues & indie talent and once a vibrating hub of art & night life, and like so many other music Meccas has bitten the dust. There is no point going to down the list of famous clubs that ate crow, but suffice to say this was one of the bunch.

Music, art & literature & entertainment however, have been intimately related since the beginning - or invention - of time. Dylan Nirvana designed artwork for Grand Central, for Lucas Films Star Wars "Queen Amidala" & Barbie's Fragrance; DJ'ed for the New York's City Center Ballet & LES Darkroom; produced Manhattan’s dance rock parties S.N.U.G. and Petit Mort - Brit-pop Glam Punk & Studio 54 (with bands, go-go girls, video art); produced & performed in New York's Nouvelle Burlesque scene, including Ixion Burlesque, Beatles Burlesque, Jimmys 43, Kitty Nights, The Slipper Room & Goodbye Blue Monday.

On the slab for this Fall is a New Raawk Party & Fashion Show Radio Hot Elf that zeros-in on Music, Art & Fashion from 1974-1984 London & New York. It includes DJ's, live electric music, dance, literature, visual art and fashion design. Featured are Dylan's switchblade slashed & graffiti spray painted punk couture and original illustrations on T-shirts & ties produced in collaboration with musician illustrator Dar Fossa. These are currently available online at the Zazzle Store.

 "a harder early Bowie"- Country Music Awards 

star wars

"Sounds like Physical Graffiti" - Brunswick Records

Punk-ass singer-songwriter-guitarist Dylan Nirvana is the lezbo-nun messiah in the gee-mom-am-I-trying-too-hard, angst-a-thon church of alternative music. His sand-blasted apocalyptic vocals are pith-viper attacked by suicidal guitar in songs that don't suck, have lyrics that are cool, and hook without hate.

Originally playing the ding-repair clinics in surfer Florida's St. Augustine, now his shows in Manhattan, according to one rabid concert-goer, "have always started calm, gotten a little faster, slowed down again, and then really got faster again."

While it is true that Mr. Nirvana's performances are well attended by New York's intellectual elite, they have become overrun by tit-goths, and over-sexed feel-good coffee bar dropouts. "ve vere trying to keep our seats und mind our own businesses, ven all dese misclad teenagers in bondage pants started de pushing und de shoving und de pushing und de shoving," says one Hans van der Griff, professor of neuro-astrophysics at Yale University. "all my colleagues und I drove in de Volvo in de cramped conditions, just to be mistreated by these feral dogs of de underbelly of our culture."

And another concert-goer comments, "Oh my Gawd. When me and my girlfriends showed up, like at this stupid little club in the like, East Village, I mean groaty, it was like, called OTTOS SHRUNKED SKULL or some shit, and diiiiiiissssguuuustiiiing. There were all these like, biker FREAKS there and METAL PEOPLE! OMG! You couldn't tell who was HOMELESS and like, who WORKED THERE. I mean, I am never, NEVER going to the Viiiiilllage again.

But whatever, this hot guy right asked me to come see his band, and it was stupid and I just about BARFED. I'm like, these homeless guys in this band don't even know Brittney. They probably don't even care what she's been going through or even if they did, they wouldn't understand it. I got like smashed anyway, and starting yelling at them. JT! Play some JT! OMG they were so loud and stupid, so I like took the lead singer of this other band into the womans bathroom, right, he was HUGE. Then I like left my purse with all my shit in like, some cubicle and the bastards stole it!"

Anne Boleyn by Dylan Nirvana on Apple iTunes

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