"Like Elvis Costello... Morrissey meets Motörhead"
- Village Voice

"A harder early Bowie" - CMA Music Festival
(how the hell did they get a hold of it?)

Glam garage artist DYLAN NIRVANA has one place you can get your weird literary ya-ya's out and still punk it hard enough to break a platform. Right in front! NYC to London, Dylan Nirvana wordsmith guitarist defines new rock with caffeinated lyricism & fire. His sand-blasted apocalyptic vocals are pith-viper attacked by suicidal guitar in songs that don't suck, have lyrics that are cool & hook without hate.

Dylan Nirvana's first EP Pentagonal Flower - "gorgeous, poetic" - according to New York's Urban Folk ignited a cult following in the UK and in the US from San Francisco to Florida to NYC. Dylan Nirvana's new record Anne Boleyn rocks its way through the story of England’s Sad Queen. Told with some irony, the imaginative Anne Boleyn’s strong musical impact and lyrical vulnerability indeed give birth to a falcon age. On the subject of emerging talent, Country Music Awards, international festivals in London and Manhattan and Press like the Village Voice and New York Magazine all say Dylan Nirvana is a stand out artist. "Like Elvis Costello, a harder early Bowie, Morrissey meets Motorhead. Anne Boleyn sounds like Led Zeppelin’s Physical Graffiti" Recommended if you like the White Stripes, Wolfmother or the Talking Heads. Anne Boleyn is available everywhere in stores and online including Apple iTunes.

London, Brockley Max Festival, Shoreditch, New York City, M.E.A.N.Y. Fest 2007 (Musicians and Emerging Artists New York) Legendary CBGB, Knitting Factory, Crash Mansion, Pianos, Mercury Lounge, Warsaw, Trash, Continental, Luna Lounge, Lit, Galapagos, Philadelphia, TLA, Buffalo, Nietzsches, Colleges, Ramapo College, Mercy College, University of Connecticut, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY New Paltz, and more...

81.1 WNYU New York, 91.7 KOTO Telluride, KBUT Crested Butte, 88.7 WBFO Buffalo, 88.5 WFNP New Paltz, 90.3 WRPR Ramapo, WNTI Centenary, 88.5 WFCF Flagler, Radio Crystal Blue with Dan Herman, WMIR 91.9 FM Indie Revolution with Scott Kuchler.
EP - Pentagonal Flower
Anne Boleyn – Debut CD 2008
Dylan Nirvana Live at CBGB – MUSIC VIDEO, and more...

"Anne Boleyn sounds like Physical Graffiti" - Brunswick Records

"CBGB's pint-sized bleached-hair punk rocker" - New York Magazine (for Christ's sake)

"Dylan Nirvana is the missing link between Johnny Thunders & the Smiths" - NYC Live

"Fantastic vocals" - Blue Records

"Gorgeous, poetic" - Urban Folk


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Dylan Nirvana