Holland Mills' Best Games of 2014

Easily my best decoy in years.

In a 5-minute game with 3:10 left, it took me 20 seconds to find the decoy and another 10 to ensure it won outright. My opponent responded by thinking for just over sixty seconds that he was completely busted.
The actual game continued 24... Kg8 25. Qh3 Qb6+ 26. Kf3 f6 27. gxf6 Qb2 28. Rh8+ Kf7 29. Qh7+ Ke8 30. Qe7#.

My first win in NAPZ/WS/H/15, a nice squeeze of a shaky King's Indian Defense.

Here I destroy a weak variation of the French Defense, Tarrasch Variation with 3. .. Nf6.

An interesting endgame where the two minor pieces, superior King position and advanced pawns steal a win for Black.

Recommended: the viewer hit the Flip Board button to view the game as Black.

This game had an atypical ending; as all legal chess positions with 7 pieces or less have been solved, the ICCF allows a player to use the 6-piece Nalimov tablebase in order to to claim a win or draw, which I did. King, Bishop and Knight can mate a bare King, and White's two pawns will be captured in short order as the Bishop can get on the long a8-h1 diagonal. The tablebase indicates mate in 32 or less.

Revision History
mon19jan2015 First cut. Still having massive problems with a starting from mid-position, and several desirable features (such as annotations and move variations) missing.