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During his 144 years of solitude, in a near non-contiguous period of patently Gross renunciation, Dylan Nirvana took the name KHALID ALICK MAHA... Wandering the emotional desert of the world upon the dromedary of the five senses, he writes:

Twas in the middle of the desert
In the middle of the night
I spilled my yak lamp oil
And caused my yak to light

He croweled and he bantered
And he threw my rug off
Twas then that I went flying
My ass he tried to boff

My mutter threw some old brown beans
An attempt to stop the fire
On the back of the old fat animal
Stupid old fat codger

My brutter he kept trying
To put an end to the red blaze
But ended up lighting his cigarette
While my ass the yak did graze

Did I do the wrong thing
When with gun I did fight back
While I was being buggered
By a queer and flaming yak?

KAM decided once again to assume his former identity... Penultimately, after having rejoined the world of rabble rousers and soothsayers, and whilst waiting for his Shit to come in, it is proffered:


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