Kasparov-Deeper Blue, Match 1997
The Man-Machine Match of the Millenium

Kasparov Manhandles Machine
in Game One

IBM's prima donna gets a lickin';
Garry smells a sweep.
Deeper Blue's triumph changes how future generations will view chess as sport and, ultimately, its long-standing place in civilization.

Deeper Blue's Positional Press Ties Match 1-1
The World Champion withers after a slightly inferior opening position.

Kasparov Collapses Early,
Loses Match 3-2

Deeper Blue smashes the World Champion in nineteen moves.


The Lull: Mid-Match Draws
Controversies and re-assessments from game two overshadow Kasparov's strong but unrewarded play.

Deeper Blue Swindles Draw in Game Five
Kasparov's sharp play is foiled by a brilliant mating net. Also, a narrative from a spectator at the premier chess event of the millenium.

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